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Salgabom Snacks is a company engaged in the food industry, specialized in the production and sale of sweets and savories. With years of experience, it is the most structured and prepared company to serve small meeting with friends and big events.


Above all God, Respect with customers, 

Transparency with Our Partners and Staff, Commitment to Quality and

Service, Continuous Innovation.


To be recognized as a company committed to improve its products, expanding the market and ensuring quality product and excellent service to our customers.


Meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and partners by providing exceptional food and quality, with innovation and sympathy.



We at Salgabom Snacks understand that for snacks and sweets to be amazing they need to have good quality. Therefore, all our ingredients are selected and the products are made with care, not to mention our very secret sauce: the love! Each product is made especially for you.


We have a diverse range of savories made ​​with the best products to meet our clients with much love and quality. Delicious Savories, ideal for any occasion. Everything to create the most special moment.


Produced especially for you, our sweets have a variety of flavors that fit your day to day needs. Our Sweets are always fresh and made ​​daily, ideal for moments like events, parties and meetings.



SALGABOM SNACKS also is here to fill a gap in the food Market: the healthy fast food. Not everybody has enough time to eat in a beneficial and energetic way. Our mission is to deliver a tasty, natural and nutritious experience, in no time.


We wanna change the way the fast-food market is seen and thought; our time and health are both necessary factors for our life’s quality, that’s why we created our PLANET ACAI. Lack of time won’t be an excuse for eating unhealthy anymore.

In few minutes, your Acai Bowl can be ready, on demand, with your favorite toppings and the quality you already know.

With more than 30 fruits and vegetables available for all tastes and desires, next time you order, don't forget to look for our Acai, Dragon Fruit and Cupuassu Bowls, our Natural Juices and the amazing "Create Your Own Smoothie" option.

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Our interest is to spread the love for Mini Snacks that we have in Brazil here in the United States, and you can help us in this task! We live in the generation of the technology and speed. Because of this, we need to be fast, have quality products and a differential to attract the attention of consumers.


So we developed Salgabom Snacks, a fun place with tasty food and high quality. For you, entrepreneur, who likes innovation and success, consider becoming a partner and take our delicious savories and sweets to your city?


Fill out our registration form and we will have a chat to tell you more about this great opportunity!

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We are located at 358 Shrewsbury Street in the beautiful city of Worcester, on the corner of Shrewsbury Street and Imperial Road and not too far from Harrington Field.

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The fastest way to reach us about anything is still through the phone. If you can't wait for a response,  please call us at  (508) 926-8640

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It's a pleasure talking to you. We are available for any questions, clarifications, suggestions, opportunities or criticism. Your contact is very important to us.

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358 Shrewsbury Street

Worcester, MA 01604

TEL: (508) 926-8640

Open Daily: 10AM - 9PM